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A new house for Townmouse

Friday 8th March was the sixth best day ever.  Up there with getting married and the birth of our four children is the day we bought our new house.  I still can't believe that our search is finally over.  As well as huge excitement, the other emotion was one of relief - relief that we don't have to house hunt for at least another 20 years.  This is the house Will and I will become 'empty-nesters' in.

Our new house has the perfect floor plan for a family of six. The children will finally have their own bedrooms.


This lovely space is a retreat area upstairs for the children. Max and Tom's bedrooms lead off it.  The house was built in the 1930's.  It's red brick, with white window trims and a black front door with wisteria growing around the door frame.  It's very symmetrical from the street, which I like, and quite English looking.  Although the floorplan is brilliant, the kitchen and bathrooms need an update, so that is what I'm now thinking about.

And so begins the process of renovating.  I am madly pinning and using lovely pictures like this one as inspiration.

Kitchen inspiration

I have started a new Pinterest board with all my favourite interiors images.  This has been sent to the architect so he knows what I like.

And speaking of the architect, have a look at the dreamy house on his website.  How stunning is that roofline?

The only thing our new house doesn't have is a studio space for me.  So we are looking into the possibility of building an attic studio in the roof, complete with dormer windows to the north.  

Attic studio

A few pins like the one above have gone into my new Pinterest board.  Now that's one space that I am particularly excited about.

So the severe lack of blog posts here can be blamed on big projects going on in the background. There's been a big tidy-up at our current house too.  Although we don't plan to sell until our new house is ready, a persistent agent has brought a couple through for the second time.  The bright side of that is that I now have an especially tidy house, right down to the Lego drawer in the boys' room.

And, well, I may as well put it out there: if anyone's looking for a family home in Malvern with a 9 month settlement, let me know.  Don't know if anyone's ever sold a house through a blog post before - but you never know.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure that I ever linked to the feature on our house that appeared in The Design Files.