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August 2013

A quilted pincushion

Yesterday I felt like taking on a small craft project.  Life is really hectic at the moment, with the weeks being swallowed up with weekends at the snow and weekdays poring over architect's plans and joinery drawings.  All very exciting stuff but there's not a moment to spare.


This quilted pincushion was squeezed in between homework supervision and dinner preparation last night.  I like having a few pincushions so one can travel with each project.  It saves me from stabbing the furniture with needles and pins.

Pincushion in sewing box

I've resurrected an earlier hand quilting project from a few years ago.  I have now completed 5 blocks.  I'm not sure how many more I will need to make.  It might be a 9 block quilt or a 12 block quilt.  This little box of craft travels with me to the snow each weekend.  At least there I find more time for sewing.  It's funny how it's so much easier to relax when I'm away from home.  Do you find that?