A coat for Adelaide
Back to school, back to reality

Burda 9501 is finished

This pattern is a real winner.  I'm thrilled with the results.

Adelaide Burda 9501

The fit is really lovely.  I made it in a size 6.  Adelaide is only 4 and a half, but she wears mostly size 5 and 6.  The sleeves were a little long, as to be expected, so there's an inch or two of sleeve hem to last a couple of winters.

Burda 9501 side

I did make a few changes to the pattern.  I increased the width of the upper collar piece by about 5mm. It could do with another 5 to 10mm so it rolls better. (See how it is curling up a little in the photo below?  That's what I mean about not enough roll.  A little more steaming with the iron might fix it.) I also wish I hadn't top stitched the collar.  I think the coat looks more professional and grown up without all the top stitching.  I didn't top stitch the rest of the coat as the pattern instructs.  Once you do buttonholes and stitch on buttons it holds all the seams in place.

Burda 9501

 I also raised the position of the pockets by about an inch.  In fact I think they could be even a tad higher.

Burda 9501 lining

The lining has worked out well. I so much prefer a cotton lining to a silk or synthetic lining.

Burda 9501 back

The back detail is really sweet on this coat.  The empire line seam gives the coat a more youthful look. Again, I wish I hadn't top stitched it.  I might unpick this.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this pattern.  It's got about 18 pieces which is a drag to cut out. I think the result is worth it though.



Gorgeous, lucky girl. And cold enough to wear this week too. Not so lucky...

Amellia Grosser

What a beautiful coat! You are very talented. Adelaide is such a gorgeous girl.

How lovely to have a northern hemisphere Christmas. I have had one white Christmas when I was in my early 20s, and I just loved it. My English family really knew how to celebrate a traditional Christmas.




Absolutely gorgeous!


Love it - Adelaide looks so sweet in her coat, and the colour is perfection.


I love it, really suits Adelaide's colouring & I think Adelaide think it is lovely as well. Can you unpick the stitching on the collar or will that be noticeable?


So lovely and what a superb job you've done on it!


Gorgeous Kristine!!


Oh Kris, Adelaide is beautiful - how fast the children are growing. The coat is a lovely cut. Have a wonderful white Christmas. Tx

Ana Sofia

I do love everything about this version - the fit is perfect on Adelaide.
I really like this sort of tailored coats on little girls - timeless and so classic!
Thank you for sharing also your remarks about the construction of the coat - very useful.


So beautiful Kristine!


Beautiful Kristine!
I love the little detail at the back. The pockets don't look too high for me - think that she will be growing and then will look perfectly in place.
Enjoy your winter trip to cold Europe. She will be nice and warm in that coat.


What a lovely coat. Your daughter looks delightful in it.
I always look forward to your blog input, please can you write more frequent. It really inspires me and I miss it.


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