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November 2013

Burda 9501 is finished

This pattern is a real winner.  I'm thrilled with the results.

Adelaide Burda 9501

The fit is really lovely.  I made it in a size 6.  Adelaide is only 4 and a half, but she wears mostly size 5 and 6.  The sleeves were a little long, as to be expected, so there's an inch or two of sleeve hem to last a couple of winters.

Burda 9501 side

I did make a few changes to the pattern.  I increased the width of the upper collar piece by about 5mm. It could do with another 5 to 10mm so it rolls better. (See how it is curling up a little in the photo below?  That's what I mean about not enough roll.  A little more steaming with the iron might fix it.) I also wish I hadn't top stitched the collar.  I think the coat looks more professional and grown up without all the top stitching.  I didn't top stitch the rest of the coat as the pattern instructs.  Once you do buttonholes and stitch on buttons it holds all the seams in place.

Burda 9501

 I also raised the position of the pockets by about an inch.  In fact I think they could be even a tad higher.

Burda 9501 lining

The lining has worked out well. I so much prefer a cotton lining to a silk or synthetic lining.

Burda 9501 back

The back detail is really sweet on this coat.  The empire line seam gives the coat a more youthful look. Again, I wish I hadn't top stitched it.  I might unpick this.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this pattern.  It's got about 18 pieces which is a drag to cut out. I think the result is worth it though.

A coat for Adelaide

We will be having a white Christmas this year.

Coat fabric

In just one month we are headed to Europe with the children. It has inspired a little sewing for Adelaide.  She will need a new coat.  I couldn't resist this heavenly cashmere/wool/alpaca fabric in a very pretty nut brown.

So then I had to find the perfect fabric with which to line it. That is what the fine spot fabric is for.  The Liberty will be used for a shirt.

I decided to play around with a new coat pattern.  I'm using Burda 9501.

Burda 9501 coat pattern
This is a lovely pattern to use.  The coat has a slim silhouette with a pretty pleat detail in the back.  I made one in navy cashmere (leftover from Townmouse production) to trial the pattern.  The fit was great, but I'm going to tweak the collar and raise the placement of the pockets slightly.

There was no difference between the upper and under collar pattern pieces, which meant the collar didn't roll and sit the way I like.  I will be increasing the size of the upper collar piece this time around so it sits a little better.  I would recommend this pattern though.  It's quite challenging but the instructions are clear. 

I'll post pics once it's complete.  Navy is always hard to photograph.