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Quilted dog bed

I do like a small quilting project for the immediate satisfaction.  Quilts rarely get finished in this house.  Recently I made a quilted cover for our dear Lucy's bed.

Quilted dog bed 3

The awful vinyl cover that this dog bed came with was not going to cut it for our pooch.  The cover I made was very much inspired by this image in my favourites on flickr.

I used a Denyse Schmidt fat quarter bundle for the sides and the piping.  I prewashed some linen for the top and bottom and then quilted it in a diagonal grid pattern.  I inserted a big metal zip that would stand up to a beating and frequent washings which I hid in the seam under the piping.  The sides are quilted in a loop-the-loop pattern.

Quilted dog bed 2

The bottom line though, is that Lucy approves and is happy to sit on this bed and not the sofas.



Oh this is divine Kristine, not surprised that Lucy approves!

Amellia Grosser

I love it. What a gorgeous dog too!

Jenny M

What a lucky dog. Love those ears!

Anne Marie

I love that dog pillow! I don't have a dog, but I have kids. Perhaps I can make one for them and perhaps they would lay there still, even if just for a few minutes

Have a nice week!

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