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Patchwork ironing board cover

Don't you love Pinterest!  This image:

Courthouse steps 1

Plus this image:

Courthouse steps 2

Plus this image:

Board cover inspiration

Inspired a litle quilting. (These images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest board here.)

I have one of these old wooden ironing boards.  I found it in a quirky thrift shop in Flinders Lane.  I walked through the city with it tucked under my arm like a surfer in search of a wave.

Patchwork ironing board cover 8

This is not really a practical or usable ironing board, particularly if you use a steam function.  

Patchwork ironing board cover 4

This is a Denyse Schmidt fabric bundle - I'm not sure which range.  I like the pop of red.

Patchwork ironing board cover 1

I bound it in a plain red and then ran a running stitch around the binding which I pulled in to get it to hug the board.  It was a relatively quick project to make.

Patchwork ironing board cover 6

This will be more of a decorative piece in the studio in our new house.

Speaking of which, renovations are in full swing.  As is invariably the case, the scope and timing of the renovation has blown out enormously.  We will be lucky to be in by Christmas. The house is a mere shell; with walls, floors, ceilings, the roof and plaster missing.

The simple suggestion to line the roof and put in a few dormer windows to create an attic studio has turned into a major element of the project.  Our architect does not do things by halves.  We now have a beautiful space taking shape on the roof, complete with French doors opening to a small north facing terrace and a lovely deep window seat overlooking the back yard.  The views from up there are fantastic - looking out over the neighbours roof and the treetops. From the street you would never know it was there.

Attic studio 1

This photo was taken a few weeks ago.  The opening on the left will be where the French doors go.  The opening on the right is the dormer window overlooking the back yard.  A pair of windows flanks the French doors.

Attic studio 2

This is the space looking back the other way, with Adelaide standing at the top of the stairs.  Through the openings you can see the roof tiles on the front part of the house.  There will be some fabulous roof storage in that section.  You can never have too much storage.

Patchwork ironing board cover 5

In the meantime, this little craft project is casually waiting around in my current sewing studio (and getting in the way really).



What a lovely little ironing board cover Kris- very glam (especially compared to the sad looking, and very underused, example in my house!).
Love the progress with the house renovations - I've been waiting to see how it's all going having followed your pinning progress on Pinterest. What an amazing space you're going to have in your eyrie at the top of the house- light on two sides is so nice in a room. And as for taking the roof off now - at least the weather is good, and it won't delay things (we had to wait 8 weeks for our roof in the middle of last Winter due to incessant rain - it was very frustrating).


What a cute project & I love the idea of a decorative ironing board (not my favourite chore - especially school shirts agh!).
Oh wow, what a space you are going to have in your studio, can't wait to see more progress and then finished shots. It may seem like a long time to wait, but before you know it will be Xmas, it's only 9 months away!!!
Have a great weekend Kris.


I'm looking at making changes to our attic right now too! Best of luck with the renovation, xo sharilyn

Jenny M

Your ironing board cover is beautiful....I can just imagine you weaving thru the crowds in Melbourne, carrying your ironing board!
Good luck with your renovations.

Amellia Grosser

I love Pinterest too.

Your patchwork is beautiful. Its a good thing its for display as it would be too sad to wear it out ironing on it.

I hope your renovations go well.



such beautiful colors, what a great idea ...
enjoy planning your dream attic!
Barbara x


ironing board - love it
cover - beautiful
sideboard - covet it
lamp - lust
renovation - omg!!!

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