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September 2014

The sewing room that was

This year I have been way too busy for any lovely down-time in my sewing room.  And it's just as well, as it now looks like this.

Dining room

There's not a thread, a scrap of fabric or a sewing machine in sight.  Our house is currently on the market and, taking the real estate agent's advice, I have transformed my little haven at home into a dining room.

I personally think a potential buyer would get more excited over a crafty den than a dining room that rarely gets used, but hey, we crafters are in the minority aren't we.  Not everyone gets excited about piles of fabric and spools of thread.

Sewing room

It's hard to recognise the space.  And of course real estate agents use those fish eye lenses that make rooms look so vast. You can just make out the fireplace behind my card patterns above.

Our house auctions next weekend.  Fingers crossed it sells on the day as I can't maintain this state of cleanliness indefinitely.

On other news our renovation is rocketing along and we will be in for Christmas.  Famous last words I know.....