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A fabric day

Today was an exciting day in our renovation.  The curtain company was installing all the curtains and blinds.  We are taking three sets of curtains with us from our current house. They are all in fabrics I love so much I couldn't bare to leave them behind - Will's study, our formal sitting room and our bedroom.

In between visits to site today and lots of running around to hardware stores and upholsterers I dropped in to one of my favourite fabric suppliers. I was very excited to pull together this selection:

Playroom fabric 1

This will go into the children's retreat or playroom upstairs. The herringbone fabric in the natural colour is for the cushions that will go on the bench seats. The three green fabrics - the plain, the print and the textured weave - are for scatter cushions for the children to pile up and recline against. There's the carpet sample in there too. The fabric with the white spots is going to cover 4 fabric cubes that will go in the centre of the room to work as an ottoman or footrests. I thought they'd be practical in the space as they can easily be moved out of the way for some serious Lego play or other activity on the floor.

Playroom before reno

This is the room as it was when the house was for sale.

Playroom in progress

This is the same room from a different angle taken a month ago. Since then the carpet has gone down, the windows have been cleaned and the handles have been put on the drawers under the bench seating.

Those wide angle lenses the real estate agents use always make rooms look so much bigger than they are. It's hard to recognise it as the same space.

Eight more sleeps.



Love it, really love green, its both a male & female colour, the room will look wonderful & the kids will have a great time, my boys love their retreat, always used for playing & reading & occasional TV shows, lol. Eight more sleeps, very excited for you.


Congratulations on your new home!! Wishing you all the very best settling in and making it your own.

Love your fabric selection! I can't wait for you to share the "after" pics!


Oh how exciting Kris! I love your fabric selections, and seeing curtains going in is my favourite part. You're so lucky you were able to reuse some of your curtains and that they fit the windows, it will feel all the more like home and be immediately familiar to the family. You'll have plenty of time then to settle in before Christmas too.


I'm so pleased you've started blogging again. I can't wait to see your new home as I have always loved your old house. The fabric selection is gorgeous I especially love the floral! Good luck with your move.

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