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Decadent yet healthy

I've forgotten how much I enjoy to get out my camera and play with different lenses.  I've also practically forgotten how to use my camera.  My skills are very rusty.  That's what you get when you don't blog regularly.

Lately I have been making an attempt to eat a more healthy diet.  With the stress of organising our renovation all year I had lapsed into eating far too much chocolate, drinking far too much tea and perhaps snacking on potato chips too close to bedtime.  Not the end of the world but my body was objecting.

Healthy choc bar 1

Last night I made these from a recipe found here on my healthy recipes Pinterest pinboard.  These are seriously rich and definitely satisfy any chocolate cravings. But they are organic and don't use any refined sugars - only dates and one tablespoon of maple syrup.

I love the way all these home made paleo and granola bars are wrapped in baking paper and tied with kitchen string.  I didn't have the kitchen string but found some waxed twine that was used on my Townmouse swing tags.  I rather like the chocolate brown colour with all the chocolate.

Healthy choc bar 2

The recipe called for cocoa powder but I used raw cacao powder.  I'm not sure what the difference is to be honest, but I think it made my recipe extra rich.  Nobody is complaining though.



They really look delicious Kristine & nice to know they are healthy as well. Will have to try them as chocolate is a big weakness in our household. I hope the renovation is getting close to the end, you must all be so keen to start the new year in a new home.

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