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A fabric day

Sewing withdrawals

It's desperate times around here.  I packed up my entire sewing room back in August to get our house ready for the September auction. I knew I'd be too busy to sew before we moved house so all my fabrics and other sewing possessions got put into storage across town until we move house later this month.

But I'm seriously missing my fabrics.  I'm pining for them.  I don't even have needle and thread to sew on a missing button or take up a hem.

Liberty Aquas 1

My favourite children's shop in Melbourne is Jacadi.  They make beautiful, sweet children's wear that I adore.  I particularly love their cardigans.  Each season I visit the store to stock up on these very handy garments for Adelaide.  The beauty of a cardigan is that it fits for more than one season - unlike a jumper - and can still be worn even when on the small side.  Adelaide has a better knitwear collection than I do.

I justify these expensive cardigans by rounding out her wardrobe with homemade coordinates to go with them.

Liberty Pinks

I've been topping up my Liberty stash of late and can't wait to be reunited with my industrial sewing machine (the removalists are going to have fun getting that beast up two flights of stairs).  As soon as my sewing room is set up I will be madly cutting into these pretty Liberty lawns to make dresses, skirts and tops for Adelaide.

Liberty Purple

On the To Do list is this top pattern, at least one top and dress from this pattern, definitely one of these favourite dresses and maybe some Oliver + S Puppetshow Shorts.

I'm going to be a busy seamstress between now and Christmas.



Just beautiful! My favourite style of dressing for girls. Thank you, I needed something pretty to look at tonight after some terrible after school behaviour from my tired son today.
It makes me so happy that Annabel at 11 and a half and nearly 5 foot 4 will still wear Liberty tops made by me. I'm busy making Liberty shorts for her at the moment. We are moving to Brisbane in early January so Liberty will be perfect for the
I hope your move goes well. I look forward to seeing your new sewing room and what you make for Adelaide.



Love this. I've been buying a few Liberty fabrics latey too. I think I'm being i prided by they blooming flowers in the garden.
I hope your house auction all went well and not long to your big move by the sounds of it. Our build in flying along, and everything has just fallen into place and so far all the trades are well ahead of schedule and looks like we will be in for Christmas. I'm not prepared at all and other than trips to drop off things to the op shops, I have not done a thing. I'm in for a busy few weeks, I think.
Of course, I've chosen sewing over packing 😊
I hope you get your sewing in once you move. I'm looking forward to some photos of your new space once you unpack. I'm sure it will be beautiful.


That transition period between houses is never much fun… especially when you've packed up your precious bits and pieces in the process.
I too love Jacadi cardigans for my daughter. I have a few that have lasted several years (as they are designed for a more cropped effect it means they can work with the sleeves rolled up a notch and they don't look overly long in the body). Love your stash of liberty print. I have a liberty print skirt that I've half made for E… ran out of elastic for the waist and it's been 2 months and I haven't yet managed to get it!! Must do that, or it will be Winter before I know it and I won't have finished it! Hope the move goes smoothly x


How I love Jacadi & miss it ... nothing like Jacadi up here in Brisbane :-( Thankfully my youngest is still little enough to fit into our Townmouse gypsy tops and Liberty appliquéd tshirts. The 12 year old, who was the original wearer of these garments, wishes that you still made the gypsy tops as they were her favourites. The tshirts you used still look just as good as when I bought them. When you start sewing again, I hope we get a "tour" of the sewing room and some room reveals :-)


What a lovely post to wake up to this Saturday morning, before the long cricket Saturday!!! Love the colours & really make me wish once again I had a little girl. I hope the move goes well when it happens & looking forward to a tour of the new home (fingers crossed).

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