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Kid's Clothes Week Day 1

Cross Stitch Initials

Hopefully these will grace our Christmas table tomorrow morning.  I have two more to do.

Personalised napkins 2

It's hard to tell in these night-time photos, but these napkins are a soft grey, sage green linen.  I picked them up at Williams Sonoma earlier this year.  I have done the cross stitch in the same colour - just one shade darker.

Personalised napkins

The alphabet pattern is from this book, purchased a few years ago.

There is one for each member of the family. 

Personalised napkins 3

I just have the "K" and the "T" to go.  Max and Tom are at a midnight Christmas Eve church service with Will's mother, the presents are under the tree, Father Christmas has already been to our house and the rest of the family is asleep.  

It's time for me to put the kettle on and get stitching.  Merry Christmas everyone!



These are gorgeous! I really love this idea. Merry Christmas!


These are exquisite Kristine, what a beautiful addition to your Christmas table setting. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family xx


Merry Christmas Kristine, hope you and your family have had a lovely day x


Absolutely gorgeous Kristine!
Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family!

Sue DeMasellis

I can't get the link to work --the link about the book you used for the initials? Would love to get info about the book.


As beautiful as always, Kristine. I hope it was a very special Christmas.

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