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Sweet storage dreams

Over two years ago I wrote a post about some lovely storage jars I'd found.  I also wrote about my dream of having a blow-your-mind pantry and laundry one day.

The architect we chose has a reputation for his amazing kitchens, and also for his very sympathetic and timeless renovations of period houses.  That ticked two pretty important boxes for me, so he became our man.

So what became of my dream for a fabulous kitchen?

Scullery and Laundry

I'd have to say it's been well exceeded.  This is our scullery, taken from the door into the garage.  The scullery continues into a laundry.  That full height cupboard houses the washer and dryer.  Beyond that are my six sorting drawers - one for each member of the family's clean clothes. And the next full height cupboard is our drying cupboard, with hanging rails and room for a clothes airer.

Scullery 2

My storage jars have found their home.  

Right now I have my washer, dryer and dishwasher going. There is a pork ragu slow cooking in the oven, and I'm as happy as a lark.



Gorgeous, enjoy! Can't wait to see more!




Oh how I would like a drying cupboard up here in Brisbane when all the storms are about ... next house!
Beautiful cabinetry and flooring.


So beautiful! Can't wait to see more of your new home.


Wow, that took my breath away!


Stunning! And Wow. Just WOW!


Your kitchen looks AMAZING Kristine! Everything is coming together beautifully! Enjoy!


Gosh what fabulous taste you have. Looks like domestic bliss!


Oh it is just sooo gorgeous!!! So lovely for you to be able to enjoy Christmas in your new house. I can't wait to see more.


Oh my Kris - it's stunning! What a dream of organisation, but it's beautiful to boot. Just lovely. I can remember you posting about your glass jars, and it's so nice to see them in their final home. It sounds like you're all organised for Christmas… and you've now prompted me to go and give my laundry a tidy up (it's become overrun with the end of school detritus)! Happy cooking


Absolutely beautiful! Love the light inundating the room, the floor to ceiling cupboards, the smart use of space....I am green with envy ;)


So pleased that I've checked in again. I felt like it wasn't that long ago, a habit that's hard to shake, looking in on an old friend, but clearly I've not checked in a while. It's lovely to see you're in your new home and getting to enjoy all the hard work. I look forward to sharing more snippets.

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