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Kid's Clothes Week Day 1

For the first time I am participating in Kid's Clothes Week. After being an observer of this fun initiative I am excited to be joining in. This time round the timing has worked for me.  A new school year has started and I have finally found some time to hang out in my new attic studio.

To ease back into the sewing groove I've pulled out an old favourite pattern from my range - dating back to 2004.

Ruffle dress pink 1

This is a moderately easy pattern, with a bit of fiddling around with the ruffle collar.

Ruffle dress pink 2

Adelaide was very happy with the fabric choice so I'm confident this one will see the light of day.

Ruffle dress pink 3

This pattern also works well with the sleeve and neckline ruffle in a contrast fabric.  This is how it was originally produced for the Townmouse range:

Scarlett in the Ruffle Dress

This pattern has always been a personal favourite from the Townmouse range.  I like the way it falls from the back too. It's not overly fitted so is practical on a hot day when some protection from the sun is required (not a problem in Melbourne this summer I'm afraid.)

Ruffle dress pink 4

Can't wait for some more sewing time tomorrow.  I have a little top cut out and ready to go.



Oh what a pretty dress & I too like the fabric. How big is Adelaide getting as well! I remember when you posted her first picture, I swear that was just the other day!! How nice is it now that school is back, my time seems so much more under control although I seem to be busier, it is still so much more manageable without the kids taking my attention. Enjoy your sewing Kris, I'm looking forward to seeing what other items you make.


What a pretty dress and girl! It is a lovely pattern. Has Adelaide started school?

Enjoy your sewing, I look forward to seeing the results.


So precious! (miss your entries. Glad to see you back here).
That Townmouse dress is one of my all time favorites - love the new version on lovely Adelaide.


Oh Kristine that beautiful dress in red and cream was such a favourite in our house and now has been passed down to Cordelia's godmother for her little one along with all of the many other tie mouse dresses we had. Your Adelaide is looking so grown up. My Adelaide and her twin sister just started Year 11 -old enough to get learners permits high is scary beyond belief and even Cordelia has hit Year 4. Not sure where the time went but those fabulous dresses are still being worn and lived and are still as beautiful as when we first unwrapped them.
Kind regards

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