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Wool felt baby bassinet

The Townmouse attic studio in our new house

Now that we are a few weeks into the school year I am finding the occasional hour to potter in my attic studio and I am loving it.

Come on in, I'll give you a tour.

To create the attic studio we sacrificed a small room on the first floor (or second floor for American readers) and used that space to install a staircase.  During the renovation the roof came off, the attic was built and the old tiles were put back on the new roof. This is what you see at the top of the stairs:

Studio landing

I love my glass lamp base filled with vintage thread bobbins. The bobbins I sourced on ebay.

Studio entry lamp base

Through the glass doors is my little haven in the treetops.

Studio door

The room is a great size (about 4 metres wide) and this is the view from the doors:

Studio view from the door

This is how the space looked on the day we moved in:

Studio moving in 1

Studio moving in 2

I loved unpacking all my boxes and seeing all my much loved crafty items again.  It was better than Christmas.

Studio Basil the cat

I now have lovely bookshelves to store my quilting and Japanese and French craft books.


Some favourite storage units and pieces of furniture are doing their thing.

Studio fabric stash

Studio threads

This little storage unit was once in my grandmother's garage storing jars of nuts and bolts.  Then it came to us and stored our CD collection (remember those?).  Now it's keeping my stationery items in one place.

Studio stationery storage

My quilt tops hang on this airing rack.  The hope is I will be inspired to finish them if they are sitting out on display rather than forgotten in drawers.  This tactic hasn't worked so far.

Studio quilt storage

I have my own little nook.  When Will pops up to the attic in the evening he sits on the sofa on the right and I sit in my nook in the window and we chat.

Studio my nook

I've made a couple of trips to Ikea in recent weeks.  I now have my overlocker and old domestic machine on this table.  The four machines I use are in a "U" shape which I can access easily from my swivel chair.  The ironing board makes up the fourth side of the area.

Studio view from my sewing machine

I also bought a second fabulous trestle table so that when I roll out wide rolls of fabric they don't spill over the edge of my single table.

All in all I'm as happy as a lark in my new studio.




Oh Kris, it is divine< I would want to spend my time up there all the time (family commitments aside of course!). I just love the trees that can be seen from the nook window seat. Thank you for sharing this truly beautiful room.


Oh my - what luxury to have such space, and to have a quiet spot at the top of the house to escape the ruckus of family life! Love all the beautifully organised shelves, and the built in window seat, and the bookshelves are perfection. Also love that lamp! Very clever. No doubt there will be many happy hours spent up in your domain.


Absolutely gorgeous! The light is wonderful too. You're going to have a lot of fun times in there!

Jean C.

It truly is wonderful. I can imagine that you will have a lot of pleasure and accomplish a lot up there. It really is lovely. Nothing like spending time with family in a place you love.
I caught up reading some of your last few posts, can't believe how big your Adelaide is. Has it been that long.... she sure has grown to a lovely little girl.
Hope that you all are enjoying the new home.


Looks fab. I too have the trestle table from IKEA. I had someone make up a shelf exactly the same length so its under the table top but sits neatly on top of the trestle its self. Extra storage (and your go two)for narrowish trays etc.

Bea Ribeiro

I am speechless. What a wonderful place. Congratulations!!!!


lyn lindsay

Your area is fabulous and yes you should be as happy as a lark, job well done and great use of space, I had a chuckle when I read about the quilts that are unfinished in full view with the thought you will be reminded of them, love the thought and has given me the same motivation, yes I got it hasn't worked yet but maybe eh, love the use of old furniture, love recycling...look forward to 'views' of other parts of your new home, no I'm not stalking just enjoy homes, Lyn


How beautiful Kristine! Congratulations!
Your studio not only looks functional but also fabulous!
I imagine what a pleasure must be to spend time in there! Enjoy!

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