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A traveling dress

I always thought traveling had two Ls.  

Anyway, there were still some decent sized scraps of the Liberty left after making the dress and yesterday's top from a two metre piece.  Completely smitten with this dress I pinned onto my Children's Clothing Board:

Colourblock dress

I headed to my attic studio to see about replicating it.

I pulled out an old Townmouse pattern from about six years ago.

2010 Empire line dress

This sleeveless empire line dress consists of a bodice and skirt with simple shaping at the seam. I thought this pattern would suit for attempting the same look as the colour blocked dress above.

I didn't have a good red and enough navy for the skirt in my stash and it was too late in the day to squeeze in a visit to Amitie, so I squeaked it out of just enough green and faded navy.

Adelaide a-line dress 1

This dress was easy to make.  I was worried the bow detail and neck edging would look dodgy, but with a bit of fiddling they turned out fine.  I bound the sleeves in a matching Liberty binding.

Adelaide a-line dress 5

I think a visit to Amitie is on the cards, as I'd like to get some red and navy and try a more nautical themed dress - maybe even a navy striped or checked neck binding.  We shall see what turns up.

Adelaide a-line dress 2

The buttons aren't quite right, but I'm not sure what would be, given the change in colour.  As it was I changed the thread 3 times when stitching the buttonholes (neckband, bodice, skirt).

Adelaide a-line dress 3

This is another clothing item for our sailing holiday.  I think I'm on a bit of a roll now.

You can see what other seamstresses are doing here.

Sew and show


Ana Sofia

Love it!
Your version turned out so beautiful!
Can't wait to see a nautical themed version - navy striped sounds so wonderful already ;)


Love it, especially the liberty detail around the neck. Actually, I prefer this adaptation to the original & I like the buttons you have chosen. Adelaide is a very lucky young lady to have you as her mum.

Frances Suzanne

I can see why you fell in love with that pinned inspiration!! Your version is beautiful as well...

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