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An oven mitt

I have a rather old fashioned kettle that goes with the old fashioned Aga cooker we installed in our new house.

Aga kettle

The oven has barely changed its design since it was invented in 1922.  There are no bells and whistles on this beast. But boy can it cook.


Kettle design has no doubt come a long way in the near 100 years since the invention of this cooker.  As pretty and original as this kettle is, its function is not quite so pretty.  It's hard to pour boiling water out of it without the steam scalding one's hand.

Kettle mitten

Ah, but being the handy seamstress that I am, there is always a sewn solution to such a dilemma.  This mitt has a little sleeve to put my hand into before I lift the kettle, and I'm protected from wayward steam.  And its colours fit in nicely with my white, grey and wood accented kitchen.


Well done you!


I love your kitchen! How lovely to have an aga. Your kitchen must be a lovely place to be during winter!

My Granny had an aga, and stainless steel benchtops. Classic style lasts a long time. I love anything that reminds me of all the happy times spent with them on their beautiful farm in New Zealand.


So handy to be a sewer and make exactly what you need and like.


I've been waiting for a sneak peek of your kitchen. It looks so lovely! I love the oven mitt too. Are you enjoying cooking on your Aga? I dream of one but am also a little daunted!


Hi Kristine, beautiful kitchen, how I would love an Aga, but alas in Sydney I don't think it would be a practical choice! I love the detail of the little printed bow on your mit, a practical item so beautifully made.

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