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Yesterday was a very productive day in the studio.  I finished four garments. The first is in the previous post, the second one I posted on Instagram, the third was a sample for an upcoming pattern release.

The last one, coming in at around 1am, was a sundress for Adelaide.  I couldn't stare at my pretty pile of fabrics from Amitie any longer, without cutting into them.  This delayed bedtime by several hours.

When I can't find a ribbon in my stash to go with a fabric I rather like the look of superfine bias binding.

Superfine bias binding 2

This binding is made using a clover bias tape maker and this binding comes out at one eighth of an inch wide.  It's too fine to tuck the ends in so I just knot them and snip off any frayed ends.

Superfine bias binding 3

See what other people are sewing here for Show and Tell Tuesday on the Fresh Squeezed Fabrics blog.

Fresh Squeezed




That looks very cute, I like it a lot. Have you got any hints for how to get it under the needle without the machine chewing it up?

Townmouse - Kristine

Hi Mel,
I usually start my stitching on another scrap of fabric, then lift the needle and put the bias binding under the foot. Then you have something to hang onto behind the needle and you can pull it through. It’s less likely to get sucked down into the feed dogs if you apply tension to it.
Hope that helps


Thanks Kris, great idea, I'll try that out.

Cathy Smith

It's so cute! I love that fabric!


What a sweet little detail. :)

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