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Softie lovelies

I must confess to always being a lover of softies.  As a child I much preferred a softie to a doll.  Adelaide, on the other hand, is a doll lover.  We have barbies galore, much to my horror.

Maggie Rabbit and Juniper Kitty

Thankfully, we also have Maggie Rabbit and Juniper Kitty, thanks to Alicia Paulson. Call me old fashioned, but this is much more my speed than a Barbie in a cheap, short dress.

These little friends sit on the spare bed in Adelaide's room.

Juniper Kitty

Since I took these photos Adelaide has found the pink ink pad used for the blush of pink on their cheeks and decided to apply a little more rouge to Maggie Rabbit. You can imagine how she looks now!

I also have the kit for Basil Fox.  He's currently in the making. All demure young ladies need a dapper chaperone to accompany them after all.  Basil Fox is just the ticket I think.



These are so lovely. You have reminded me that I have two of these half finished softies myself. I have the Basil Fox and turned Juniper Kitty into a boy version, for my cat loving son. I also could not resist the duffle coat pattern. Of course, I'm making them more for me than them. I have a love of bunnies so I might have to make the Maggie rabbit for myself at some point. Your colour selections are just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend x


I have a Juniper Kitty kit-- you've inspired me to tackle it! :)


They are adorable Kristine! and I agree with you 100% about being a softies lover.
Unfortunately in our house there's also lots of barbies and their accessories which drives me nuts!

Ana Sofia

So beautiful!
These are absolutely stunning (and have been on my wish list for so long). Fortunatelly, around here, we also prefer softies to (plastic) dolls (so far, it's still a barbie-free home).


waaa! I've also made Juniper and have the Basil Fox kit ready to go! I love her soft dolls!!!

Townmouse - Kristine

Aren't they great. Basil is very cute. I must get his kit out and finish him too. I only got as far as starting his scarf. I'm no great knitter - I think that's why I stalled with him.

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