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Pineapple blocks

I bought some new dressmaking pins when I was choosing fabrics with Adelaide at Amitie Textiles this week.

I suddenly had the need to make a new pincushion to provide them with a home.

Pineapple block pincushion 2

I quickly drew up a teeny tiny pineapple block on some pattern making paper.  Then I cut tiny scraps of leftover fabrics and spent the next little while enjoying some machine piecing.

Once that was done I still hadn't overcome my need to make pineapple blocks. So I fiddled around with a block template on Illustrator and came up with a simpler one that didn't have as many rounds.

Pineapple blocks 1

I'm not sure where these are headed, but they're quite satisfying to make.  I never knew what foundation paper piecing was until Rita on Red Pepper Quilts enlightened me. She has an excellent tutorial on her blog (for a different pattern) that explains how to piece with foundation paper.

Rita also has an astounding pineapple quilt.  You simply must take a look.

Pineapple blocks 2

If you want to try your hand at your own pineapple blocks, I have uploaded my 7" template.  You can access it in my left side bar.


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