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More summer sewing

Summer sewing

Last night I headed up to my studio to make some clothes for Adelaide for summer.  As I was cutting out a top using the Adelaide Sundress pattern, I was suddenly caught with the urge to sew someone else's pattern for a change.

Rose dress 2

This pattern is from France with French instructions.  So I just follow the pictures and make up my own construction plan. 

Rose dress 1

It was cold in our garden this morning so all photos are minus a cute smile.  That just wasn't happening.

Rose dress 3

The sleeves are a little too sticky-outy for my liking.  I think a pom-pom trim or something with a little weight to it could be a useful addition, or a lighter fabric, (or maybe just a wash with fabric softener).

All in all a very sweet pattern.

Join in the fun: see what other seamstresses around the web are sewing this week.

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Votre français est parfait! Je n'en dirais pas autant de mon anglais! Félicitations pour toutes ces jolies créations. Quelle belle famille! Ou trouvez-vous le temps pour faire tout cela? Je vous souhaite une belle et douce journée. Encore bravo!


Tres jolie! As it happens, I've just posted a dress as part of a Citronille challenge on Sew Mama Sew, marking the launch of some newly-translated patterns - you could probably get this one in English if you wanted, but it looks like you've done a great job using just the diagrams. I quite like the sticky-outy sleeves :)


Welcome in the world of french patterns (that you may already know ?) Just have a look et Papillon et Mandarine ans Lou & Me ones.... Too cute, sure you'd like! Juste discovered yours via Fée des Pom'en sucre. Gonna place an order soon !

little something

This dress suits your daughter really well. And you know what? We have a few things in common : my daughter's name is Adélaïde too, and I'm an English teacher so let me tell you that your french is very good. I didn't know you made patterns, so I'm going to have a look.

Townmouse - Kristine

Thank you for your kind words. Adelaide is an old family name. Our daughter is named after her great grandmother. It was my favourite name for all 4 pregnancies, but I had three sons before I could use my favourite girl’s name. My French is very rusty. I rely on Google Translate quite a bit. There’s not much chance to practice it here in Australia.

Townmouse - Kristine

Thanks Marisa, I love the dress you made on your blog. Very pretty fabric choice. I have quite a few Citronille patterns (and two of the books) that I’ve picked up on my travels. I find with the diagrams and a bit of garment construction experience I can work my way through the patterns without having to do too much translating. There are some sweet designs in the range. Appolline is my favourite which I’ve made many times.

Townmouse - Kristine

Merci beaucoup Lulu. Mes enfants sont tous à lécole maintenant. Par conséquent, je trouve le temps pour coudre pendant la journée. Je aime aussi rester jusquà tard dans la nuit et coudre lorsque la maison est calme.

Townmouse - Kristine

Thank you Chantal. I do love the French patterns as I’m very drawn to the style of the designs - classic and chic. Appolline is my favourite which I have made for my daughter many times over her 6 years. I hadn’t heard of Lou Me, so thank you for mentioning it. Kind regards.


Gorgeous Rosamée!!


So beautiful !!!

stef sa belette

wonderful !
ton français est parfait !
et une jolie création !
ici, aussi je me remets à la couture ! toujours avec autant de plaisir ! (rires)
bonne soirée à toi

bidouilles et bricoles

What a nice dress ! I agree with the sleeves.
I removed it after I sewed à winter version and it's much better ! Très bon Francais by the way !!!

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