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Christmas Stocking pattern

Can you believe we are already in December?

It's high time I mentioned there is a (not-so) new pattern in my Etsy store for the very popular Christmas Stocking.

Christmas stocking

This stocking is the perfect size to hold a few treasures on Christmas morning.  It has a hanging loop with button closure so you can loop it through a fireplace mantle bracket or door handle. The stocking is lined for extra strength.

These were such popular items when I sold them as part of my range.  I still have customers asking me about them as their family has grown and they need another stocking for another wee bub.

There are so many ways you can personalise these.  A linen version would be lovely with a cross stitched initial. Armed with some waste canvas and a few cross stitch motifs you could add snowflakes or other Christmassy details.

You could use up your favourite fabric scraps and do a patchwork cuff instead of the pictured gingham.

This would also be a fun project for children to practice their sewing skills on.


melissa @ hilltophausfrau

Sooooo beautiful! These will definitely grow with the lovely when they're a fun-loving adult too :) My husband's stocking is very sentimental...his mom made it for him when he was a toddler...there is a toy drum and marching soldier on it. A great heirloom!

Thanks for sharing, as always :)


I love the fabric combination you chose (I'm not a big fan of glittered and overloaded stockings!)
Very pretty, as always!

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