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August 2016

Adelaide's bedroom

Today I picked up this chair from the upholsterer.

Adelaide bedroom-2

It's a child's armchair.  It used to be in my mother-in-law's childhood bedroom. She gave it to us for Adelaide's room and I finally had it recovered this week.

Adelaide bedroom-1

Adelaide has two little single beds in her room. I like the idea of her having little friends for sleepovers.  When we moved house I had the curtains and bedheads made.  I ordered a few metres of the chair fabric, along with a few extra metres of the bed skirt fabric, in order to make matching whole cloth quilts for her beds.

Adelaide bedroom-4

That never eventuated, and I decided the fabric was best put to use recovering the armchair. There was fabric left over to have two little cushions made for the beds. I might get around to having a lampshade made in what's left.

Note the Casita night light on her side table.  Adelaide can't go to sleep without it on. The ballerina print is one of two that used to hang in my grandmother's house.  The second one is above Adelaide's bedside table.

The armchair is proving to be the perfect spot to nurse a doll or have a chat with her favourite BeanieBoo.