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October 2017

New details around the house

We will have been in our house 3 years next month.  Before we moved in I worked hard to get all the details ready for move-in date, including curtains and blinds.  Our furniture that came with us fitted in very nicely and there were very few gaps to fill. I even brought three sets of curtains with us from our old house (I find fabric hard to part with). We bought a new, but very old, round hall table, and I had a sofa made and covered in a much loved Rose Tarlow fabric.

I knew that without a deadline of a move-in date, anything that didn't get done before then, would have to wait a very long time. Because, lets face it, making all those renovating decisions is exhausting and I knew I'd run out of steam.

Entrance hall 2

We were happy with the job that I'd done furnishing the house. We have had some lovely pieces of furniture gifted to us over the years by Will's mother who has such a good eye for these things. I sought help recently to do the last little 5% to really bring everything together and make the house sing.


Like most crafty types I'm obsessed with fabric. Some lovely new fabrics entered our house today in the form of new stools to go under our old, new hall table, some cushions and an upholstered ottoman for our living room, and some more cushions for our formal sitting room.

Living room sofa

The cushions have beautiful details in the way of coordinating trims.

Entrance hall

The fabric on the little hall stools has also been used on lamp shades in the formal sitting room, and a lamp shade on a standard lamp in the family room.  It's all designed to mix and match so the pieces can move around if need be.  These little stools will become handy on book group nights when an extra seat is needed around the fireplace, for example.

Formal sitting room details

Our dining chairs have had a new lease on life with another stunning Rose Tarlow fabric.  Teal blues are a favourite interior colour of mine, and I love that the colour pops up here and there throughout the house. And I love the way the chocolate stripe in this fabric works with the dark wood of the chairs.

Dining chair

All the rooms are interconnected so I like that there is colour harmony from room to room.

Entry hall to dining

The house feels rather grown up now.

Entrance hall to dining

There have been some lovely additions to our bedroom too, and I can now say that our house feels complete. Although I do have a sofa sitting in our garage that I picked up at auction for $100 that needs reupholstery. So I guess there is always a project still yet to do.

Making jam

It's been over a year since my last post.  I miss blogging. I miss that it made me focus on my photography skills.

Jam jars 2

The light was rather pretty shining down on these freshly sterilised jam jars drying on the Aga. So while I was simmering my cumquats for marmalade, I took a few snaps.

In the last year we have bought a little farm in Red Hill on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.  The farm has a rather fabulous kitchen garden, with quite a lot of varied citrus trees.  I have been making jams and marmalades like a woman possessed. So far this week I've made strawberry jam, two batches of cumquat marmalade, and lemon marmalade.  There has also been cumquat ice-cream in the mix.  Now that's something fabulous I recommend everyone should try.

Jam jars 1

I love these Weck preserving jars.  The top shelf of my pantry is now stashing a lovely collection of jams in jars.

Cumquat marmalade

I'm still working on identifying the perfect setting point for the jam.  This cumquat marmalade is too runny, which, on the bright side, makes it perfect for stirring into ice-cream for the afore-mentioned cumquat ice-cream.

But my main reason for popping in here is to share with you the jam labels I created.

Jam labels

These are just a sample of three of them.  There are 11 - five types of marmalade, and 6 different fruit jams from fig to strawberry. They are designed to print onto these labels. But if you didn't want to purchase this specific size, you can get a box of label sheets and cut to whatever size you like. You can download the labels by clicking the button below, or find them in my left sidebar.

Jam label free download