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It's been over a year since my last post.  I miss blogging. I miss that it made me focus on my photography skills.

Jam jars 2

The light was rather pretty shining down on these freshly sterilised jam jars drying on the Aga. So while I was simmering my cumquats for marmalade, I took a few snaps.

In the last year we have bought a little farm in Red Hill on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.  The farm has a rather fabulous kitchen garden, with quite a lot of varied citrus trees.  I have been making jams and marmalades like a woman possessed. So far this week I've made strawberry jam, two batches of cumquat marmalade, and lemon marmalade.  There has also been cumquat ice-cream in the mix.  Now that's something fabulous I recommend everyone should try.

Jam jars 1

I love these Weck preserving jars.  The top shelf of my pantry is now stashing a lovely collection of jams in jars.

Cumquat marmalade

I'm still working on identifying the perfect setting point for the jam.  This cumquat marmalade is too runny, which, on the bright side, makes it perfect for stirring into ice-cream for the afore-mentioned cumquat ice-cream.

But my main reason for popping in here is to share with you the jam labels I created.

Jam labels

These are just a sample of three of them.  There are 11 - five types of marmalade, and 6 different fruit jams from fig to strawberry. They are designed to print onto these labels. But if you didn't want to purchase this specific size, you can get a box of label sheets and cut to whatever size you like. You can download the labels by clicking the button below, or find them in my left sidebar.

Jam label free download


Dianne Ross

Welcome back. Hope to see more of you.


So excited to see you are back (I'm glad I left Townmouse in my favourites on my blog) :)


How lovely to hear what you're up to.
I have you in my favourites on my long neglected and quite missed blog. Last year I helped run the school jam stall - a huge job but the three of us loved learning to jam and preserve together. The perfect setting point is an elusive thing... !

Mandy Hawkins

Lovely to see you back blogging and your jam looks delicious.

Townmouse - Kristine

Hi Ann,

Just popped over to your blog and see you’re much like me, not posting but missing that old blogging thing. How’s the puppy? What did you name him? Seems instagram is the go these days, and where I keep up with my blogging connections. Making
more jam today….


Townmouse - Kristine

Hi Diane, Thank you. Not sure if you’ll see more of me. Seems I do less sewing these days too. Life has moved into a different phase. I’m now even gardening! Something I never thought I’d enjoy.
Take care, Kris

Townmouse - Kristine

Thanks Michelle, blogging seems so strange now, but nice to be back.


I'm liking instagram too - much easier it seems in these busy times. The puppy is named Monty and he's settled in very well. The garden though has suffered !

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