Crafter's block

I've been suffering from crafter's block.  All year really.  I don't know where my sewing mojo has gone. Maybe it's been sucked into the Pinterest abyss. Too much time spent looking at other people's creative output, leaving less time for my own creating.  I'm not sure what it is - the pressure to create something equally pretty; too many pretty things to choose from it's hard to know what project to choose.

When I look back at my industriousness of previous years I'm quite impressed. This year's mosaic won't be quite so large.  

Linen Yarn

Meanwhile, look at this pretty yarn.  It's a linen yarn from Quince and Co. It's quite dreamy to look at. I've been flicking through my Japanese crochet books for a little inspiration.

Crochet blanket

I came across this image.  Isn't this granny square blanket fabulous? I think it's the red that makes it so striking - a nice change from the white bordered ones.  I love the bobbly edging on it too.  It's from this book. Not sure how it helps me with my little ball of linen yarn though.  See, there I go, dithering. What to do, what to do?

Crochet flower hair ties

I must make some more of these.


I have an idea to make a collection of these for when Adelaide has a birthday party.  They could secure the lolly bags that are given out at the end of the party.  Wouldn't that be a cute idea?  Little cellophane bags full of cute lollies with crochet flower hair ties to match.

There's more info on the pattern here.

Simple crochet scarf

There was plenty of down-time at Three Hummock Island in the evenings.  While the family chilled out in front of the fire my fingers were busy making this.

Crochet scarf

It's a very simple pattern, inspired by this image.  The pattern for which can be found in this book.

I didn't have the pattern so just winged it.  Three chain, one double crochet/treble crochet, three chain, etc.

Crochet scarf 1

I found some cute little badges for Adelaide at the Red Hill Market on Easter Saturday.  It helps make the scarf a little more interesting.

The yarn was a Rowan Amy Butler wool cotton blend.  I think it would be more cuddly in a pure wool or cashmere. But this was all I had on hand when we quickly packed to go away.  Perhaps another one is in my future.

Quick crochet project

Have any other Aussie readers discovered ABC iView on the iPad?  It's catch-up TV from the Australian Broadcasting Commission in a handy iPad app.

Crochet flower hair tie

Last night it was me with my crochet hook enjoying "The Hour", "Brideshead Revisited" and "Restoration Home".  And the best part: I was tucked up in bed.  Now that's what I call a great Saturday night in.

Simple crochet hair accessory

Look how much Adelaide's ponytail has grown in 9 months.


I do like crocheting these little hair ties.

Crochet hair tie

They are a quick and easy project.  The pattern is Motif number 31 from this same book.  The hair elastics are from the supermarket and the yarn is a 3 ply cotton from Spotlight called Milford Soft.

I've found the most reliable way to attach them to the elastic is just to incorporate the elastic into the crochet in the first round.

Crochet hair tie back

Adelaide rather likes them but hates having her hair brushed. Who doesn't when hair is sticky and knotted with every bit of food eaten. That's why the hair ties are rather crucial at present.

Crochet snowflakes

We're very sad that the ski season is drawing to a close.  We've just had a very exciting weekend, with Tom competing in the national ski races at Falls Creek.  He joined his school team for the first time this year.  On Saturday he came 14th nationally in his division, which included boys in the year above him.  He is as pleased as punch and we are hugely proud of him.  It's a very exciting turn of events for someone who was a beginner skier at the start of the season.


While the boys have been busy improving their skiing form I have enjoyed many indoor hours at the snow.  I'm a fair weather skier so if the conditions weren't great I opted for indoor pursuits.


In a tiny apartment the housework takes but a minute so I indulged in a little hand sewing, knitting and crochet.  These snowflake motifs are from this book.

When stitched together they are supposed to look like this:

Snowflake scarf

Isn't it dreamy.  But then I'm not quite sure how this works because the little one in the image is bigger in reality.


I guess that's where reading Japanese comes in handy, as you can understand yarn and hook recommendations.  So for now I don't think these will progress much further.

Small crochet project

ISBN 9784413009683 There has been no time for personal crafting around here lately.  I have had my head down in the studio keeping on top of Christmas orders.

When I do crash on the sofa in the evening I have enjoyed flicking through recent purchases from Amazon Japan. 

This crochet book has some simple projects in it, one of which I have had an attempt at.

Crochet flowers

Inspired by the above image I attempted a little hair tie for Adelaide.  She now has long enough hair for a very straggly and scruffy ponytail.  I think the ponytail is more wishful thinking at this stage, but these simple crochet flowers are fun to make and can be whipped up in a few minutes. 

Hair tie for Adelaide

I crocheted the flower onto a plain hair tie purchased at the local supermarket.

Hair tie

And with the beautifully clear instructions provided in all the Japanese crochet books, you can't go wrong.

Crochet flower pattern

The books include a legend too, so you can easily decipher the patterns.  The Japanese are so wonderfully thoughtful and clear headed about this sort of thing.  I find this diagram so much better to follow than a written pattern.

Crochet obsessed

Lately I've had crochet on the mind.  This was further fueled by a happy browsing session at Kinokinuya in Sydney on Friday, where I came away with this book:

ISBN 9784072680919 cover

As always, there are some refreshing Japanese takes on what can sometimes be a daggy craft.

ISBN 9784072680919 bag

As far as crafts go, crochet was my first love.  My grandmother taught me when I was around four and I was hooked from that moment on. (Pardon the pun.)

ISBN 9784072680919 buttons

At four all I could manage was one long chain.  I would keep going until the yarn ran out, then pull it undone and start again.  My grandmother got sick of this and soon taught me a few new stitches.

ISBN 9784072680919 button jar

In the junior school I attended, we could earn points for our house by crocheting or knitting squares to make into blankets for the homeless.  I crocheted many hundreds of 6 inch granny squares until the age of eleven.

ISBN 9784072680919 hexagons

I used to crochet granny squares in the dark after I had been sent to bed.

ISBN 9784072680919 shoes

Now I'm casting around for a crochet project.  I think I'll have to give these slippers a try.  They are very sweet.

I've been tagging my favourite crochet images as I come across them.  I've had this little flickr gallery to inspire me for a while.  More recently I've joined Pinterest, which I am really loving.  I've started a little inpiration board on favourite crochets over there.


And today I came across this yarn.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted wool or cotton.  This Rowan yarn is 50% cotton and 50% wool.  Together these balls look like a big bowl of icecream.  The colours are very appealing - of course they are, when Amy Butler has put her name to them. 

For now I'm too busy to start any new crafting projects.  This is something for the summer, when I take a break from Townmouse and the other couple of jobs I'm working at the moment.