A heavenly afternoon

After a manic morning of racing against the clock to upload the summer range yesterday, the afternoon couldn't have been more relaxing.

At the start of the year I mentioned I was keen to take up botanical art.  Yesterday I had my first class.

Leaf I spent three hours in the art studio with 6 other students.  We started with the basics - shading and dimension.  I have learned so much already.  I can't wait for next Tuesday.

There are a few talented artists in my family.  My mother's mother and my two aunts are very good with a paintbrush.  Mum's younger sister paints racehorses on commission.  They are so lifelike, you expect them to walk off the canvas. 

Cylinder Sadly, Mum didn't inherit any artisitc genes (although she got lots of other good ones); in fact, her attempts at drawing are truly abysmal.  Yes, really bad.

So art isn't something that comes naturally to me either.  That's supposed to be the top of the leaf in that sketch, but somehow it looks like the underside.  I'm not sure why or how to fix it.  I'll have to wait until next week.  I will be interested to see how my drawing develops.  I would never have been able to draw these prior to just this one class and what I learned about light and shade.

Next week we're drawing acorns.